Zeno Dragon Ball


Name: Zeno

Origin: Dragon Ball

Gender: Male

Classification: Cosmic being

Age: Primordial

Lifting Strength: Above 2.4 Million tons (Stronger than Goku and all other beings)

Striking Strength: Multi-Galaxy+ level (Stronger than Super Shenron)

Speed: Massive faster than Light+ level (Faster than any being in all universes)

Reaction Speed: Light Speed (Base)|Massive Faster than Light level (Faster than Any being)

Striking Speed: Light Speed (Base)|Massive Faster than Light level (Faster than Any being)

Durability: Possibly Multi-Universe level

Intelligence: Low Average level

Destructive Capacity: Multi-Universe level (18 Universes)

Range: Multi-Universe+ level (18 Universes)

Stamina: Unknown likely Infinite level

Powers and Abilities:


  • Zeno has a mind of a Child but his power isn't making him a very unpredictable and dangerous being.
  • Zeno power is unknown to us we don't know if he is linked to the universe or not.


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