The Living Tribunal Marvel Comics


Name: The Living Tribunal

Origin: Marvel Comics

Gender: Male

Classification: Cosmic Being

Age: Primdoial

Lifting Strength: Unlimited level

Striking Strength: Planet Level (Whim)|Universe level (Base Power)|Universe+ level (Restricted)|Multiverse level (Unrestricted)|Multiverse+ level (Half Power)|Likely Megaverse level (Full Power)

Speed: Omnipresence

Reaction Speed: Inconceivable (Non-Corporeal)|Superhuman level (Avatar Form)

Striking Speed: Inconceivable (Non-Corporeal)|Superhuman level (Avatar Form)

Durability: Megaverse level (Base)|Likely Omniverse level

Intelligence: Omniscience

Destructive Capacity: Universe level (Whim)|Universe+ level (Base)|Multiverse level (Restricted)|Multiverse+ level (Unrestricted)|Megaverse level (Half Power)|Likely Omniverse level (Full Power)

Range: Omniverse level

Stamina: Infinite level


The Living Tribunal weaknesses are omnipotent beings like The-One-Above-All/Beyonder (Pre-Retcon)/The Beyonders as he can't counter their powers.

Powers and Abilities:

Near-Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresence,Creation,Multiverse Creation,Megaverse Creation,Cosmic Energy Manipulation (Extreme High Tier),Cosmic Awareness (Extreme High Tier),Dimensional Travel,Teleportation,Size Manipulation (Extreme High Tier),Energy Manipulation (Extreme High Tier),Reality Warping (High-Extreme High Tier),Perfect Indestructibility,Matter Manipulation (Extreme High Tier),Flight,Magic Manipulation (Extreme High Tier),Dimensional Travel,Element Manipulation,Wind Manipulation,Water Manipulation,Earth Manipulation,Fire Manipulation,Time Manipulation (Extreme High Tier),Time Freezing