The Brothers Yin and Yang Amalgam Comics


Name: The Brothers Yin and Yang

Origin: Amalgam Comics

Gender: Male

Classification: Cosmic deity

Age: Trillions of years old

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (Encompass of Multiple Multiverses.)

Striking Strength: Universe+ level (Whim)|Multiverse level (Base)|Multiverse+ level (Half Power)|Megaverse level (Full Power)

Speed: Near-Omnipresence (They can exist almost anywhere.)

Reaction Speed: Human level (They barely reacted to an assault on them.)

Striking Speed: Superhuman level (Skills in swordsmenship.)

Durability: Megaverse level (Base)|Possibly at Omniverse level

Intelligence: Near-Omniscience (They know almost anything.)

Destructive Capacity: Universe+ level (Whim)|Multiverse level (Base)|Multiverse+ Level (Half power)|Megaverse level (Full Power)

Range: Megaverse level to likely Omniverse level

Stamina: Infinite level

Powers and Abilities:

Megaverse Embodiment|Reality Embodiment|Unity|Near-Omnipotence|Near-Omniscience|Near-Omnipresence


The Brothers Yin-Yang were simple experiments for their creator The Living Tribunal displaying the events where they were above their creator and his DC counter-part the Spectre were not infact true and that they aren't full up to their creator true power but it displays that the omnipotent beings (The Presence/The-One-Above-All) are still above them.

During the events of the Secret Wars even they were killed off by the Omnipotential Beyonders during their Omniverse destruction experiment.

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