Stamina is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.


  • Below Human Level: Can't withstand the basic Human efforts.
  • Human Level: Can stand the usual efforts of a human.
  • Athletic Human Level: Can withstand above the usual human efforts.
  • Peak Human Level: Can last more than a 10 hour human effort.
  • Super Human Level: Stamina can last a day of effort.
  • Meta-Human Level: Can last more than week.
  • Supernatural: Can last more than a month of effort.
  • Demi-God Level: Can last months of effort.
  • Godly Level: Can last the years of effort.
  • Nigh-Infinite Level: Can last a Millennium,Bimillennium,Trimillennium,Decamillennium, Hectocentennial, and Holocene or above.
  • Infinite Level: Cannot run out of stamina. (Ex: No Physical Body)

Note: Some aren't 100% specific but more research will be made for this category.

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