Saitama One Punch Man


Name: Saitama

Origin: One Punch Man

Gender: Male

Classification: Human

Age: 25 years old

Lifting Strength: Human level (Base)

Striking Strength: Large Mountain level (Base)|Multi-City (Beaten Marugori)|Multi-Contiential (Defected Boros attack to the point it split the clouds from across the continents itself via Super Serious Punch.)|Likely Moon level

Speed: Relativistic level (Traveled from the Moon to Earth in Seconds.)|Likely Light Speed level

Reaction Speed: Sub-Relativistic level (Capable of creating doppelgangers with speed alone.)

Striking Speed: Hypersonic level (Faster than Speed-o-Sound Sonic at base form)|Massive Hypersonic+ level (Casually out speed Lord Boros who was in full power state.)|likely Sub-Relativistic (Can attack with such speed capable of turning Boros into blood splatter.)

Durability: Planetary level (Tanked hits from God level Threats)|Likely Moon level (Casually above Life-Wipers)|Possible Planet level

Intelligence: Mid Average level

Destructive Capacity: Human level (Holding Back)|Multi-Human level (Casual Tiger level)|City level (One Shots Demon level Threats)|Multi-City level (One Shots Dragon level threats)|Planetary level (One shots God level threats)|Moon level (Above Majority of all God level threats)|considered Planet Buster (Databook suggest Lord Boros was a Planet buster.)|Likely Sun level (Databook suggests Boros Signature attack could actually destroy a star.)

Range: Country level

Stamina: Supernatural (Months of Stamina endurance.)


Powers and Abilities: