File:Fictional Battle Omniverse Rules.png

Profile Rules

  1. Powerscaling and Calculations must be as accurate as possible.
  2. If you want to discuss more on the profiles go here! Official Forum only.
  3. Users aren't allowed period to make Talk Pages/Comments on profiles if you want to discuss characters head to the forum.
  4. Actual Official sources like Handbook/Datebooks/Author Statements are allowed and recommended.
  5. Don't add Useless/Unwanted Categories that's not worth adding.
  6. Don't make talk pages if you want to discuss a character do it on the website or go to the forums.

Image Rules

  1. Sexual/Inappropriate Images: Please don't upload images with Sexual content this is a Pg-13 Wikia.
  2. Watermark Images: Not allowed to be uploaded because they are from pirated sites.
  3. Images With Captions: These are not allowed on this wikia.
  4. Copyrighted Images: Deviantart/Any images with user names and or image names across the picture is not allowed on this wikia unless its from the official FBO Deviantart.
  5. Image Licensing: All images MUST be placed under CC-BY-SA.
  6. Image Naming: Make sure the images are named liked this "Goku Dragon ball Z.png" and not something like 8833834.png or rolfdbdb.jpg because those wont help Google search very easily and they will be deleted and replaced.
  7. Personal Use: Images uploaded only for personal use are for profile pictures only no exceptions.
  8. Fan Art: Any kind includes fan colored manga panels/pages aren't allowed.

Forum Rules


Major Rules

All users must Follow Wikia standard Rules,Guidelines, and Policies these are our personal rules that are major.
  1. Fighting isn't allowed on this Wikipedia discuss things civilly.
  2. Edit Wars isn't allowed on this Wikipedia.
  3. FanBoying isn't allowed on this Wikipedia.
  4. Bashing isn't allowed on this Wikipedia.
  5. Character Hating (Bashing) isn't allowed on this Wikipedia.
  6. Trolling (Any Kind) isn't Allowed.
  7. Cyberbullying is extremely prohibited.

Breaking the rules

Breaking the rules will cause an immediate banning of user account's and all punishment will be variable with staff no matter what or who if you want to have a ban revoked make sure to have your reasons and why you should be unbanned.