Molecule Man Post Retcon Marvel Comics


Name: Owen Reece

Origin: Marvel Comics

Gender: Male

Classification: Cosmic being

Age: 30+ years old

Lifting Strength: 100+ tons (Base)|Immeasurable (The Beyonders Powers: Held a dead omniverse in a box.)

Striking Strength: Inapplicable: Can basically strike anything he pleases out of existence.

Speed: Omnipresence (He and his alt self's are all linked and he exist in all realities.)|Near-Omnipresence (He is just now 1 molecule man and uses teleportation to get around the omniverse.

Reaction Speed: Human level likely Inapplicable.

Striking Speed: Human level likely Inapplicable.

Durability: Universe level (Base)|Omniverse level (The Beyonders Power)

Intelligence: Near-Omniscience level (He know's almost anything within the Marvel Omniverse.)

Destructive Capacity: Universe level (Base)|Multi-Universe+ level (Alt versions)|Omniverse level

Range: Omniverse level possible Omniverse+ level

Stamina: Near-Infinite level (Base)|Infinite level (The Beyonders Power)

Powers and Abilities:


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