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Name: Goku

Origin: Dragon Ball

Gender: Male

Classification: Alien

Age: 40+ years old

Lifting Strength: 10 Tons (Base)|40 Tons (SSJ 1)|160 Tons (SSJ 2)|640 Tons (SSJ 3)| unlikely 2,560 Tons (Not really likely due to the fact Vegeta couldn't lift one-thousand tons in the Manga)

Striking Strength: Multi-Mountain level (Base)|Multi-Island level (SSJ 1-2)|Very Small Planetoid (SSJ 3 Busted a hole through king kais planet.)| Likely Moon level (Capable of holding his own against Beerus who can destroy planets by striking them but still isnt on Beerus level or above Beerus at all.)

Speed: Peak Human (No KI)|High Supersonic level (Z)|Massive Hypersonic level (Super)|Relativistic level (Ultra Instinct)|likely Light Speed Level (Mastered Ultra Instinct: Scaling from Dypso)|Unknown (Via Instant Transmission)

Reaction Speed: Peak Human level (No Ki)|High Sonic level (Casual)|High Supersonic level (Base)|Low Hypersonic level (SSJ 1-3)|Massive Hypersonic level (SSG-SSGSS)|Sub-Relativistic (Ultra Instinct)|Likely Relativistic (Post-Kefla Fight)|Perhaps Light Speed level (likely with Mastered Ultra Instinct)

Striking Speed: Peak Human level (No Ki)|High Transonic level (Base Form)|High Supersonic level (SSJ1-SSJ3)|Low Hypersonic level (SSG-SSGSS)|High Hypersonic (SSBKKx20)|Massive Hypersonic level (Mastered SSB)|Sub-Relativistic level (Ultra Instinct)|likely Light Speed (Mastered Ultra Instinct: Scaling from Dypso max speed)

Durability: Moon level|Possibly Planet level (Has not shown durability on a planet level)

Intelligence: Borderline level

Destructive Capacity: Planet level|Multi-Planet level (SSG: did at best half the power of the universal shockwaves that destroyed multiple planets)|Likely Solar System level (at least 50x Stronger than Cell/Kid Buu but still not equal or on par with Beerus.)|Possibly Universal (Needed Beerus to even achieve the Universal Range.)

Range: Universe level (Instant Transmission/Whis Travel)|Planetary level (Attacks)

Stamina: Human level (No Ki)|Meta-Human level (Z Saga)|Supernatural (Super Saga)


Powers and Abilities: