Alien X Ben 10


Name: Alien X

Origin: Ben 10

Gender: Male

Classification: Cosmic Alien

Age: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Universe level (Base)|Likely Universe+ level with reality warping.

Striking Strength: Planet level (Base)|Planet+ level|Likely Universe level with size manipulation

Speed: Massive Faster than light level|Possibly Nigh-Omnipresent

Reaction Speed: Athletic human level

Striking Speed: Athletic human level

Durability: Multiverse level (Held the big Bang in his hand.)

Destructive Capacity: Universe level (1 thought)|Multi-Universe level (5 thoughts)|Multiverse level (6 thoughts)

Range: Universe level|Multiverse level

Stamina: Infinite level

Powers and Abilities:

Near-Omnipotence: Reality Warping (Universe-Multiverse level),Flight,Invulnerability,Time Manipulation (Universe level),Size Manipulation,Mind Control,Gravity Manipulation,Infinite Speed,Infinite Stamina,Indestructibility,Flight,Universe Creation,Magic Manipulation.


  • Ben in order to make Alien X move and do a action he needs the Approval of both Serena (Ben 10) and Bellicus (Ben 10) as approval for him to do anything.
  • Alien X is vulnerable to having his powers absorbed as both Ben and Azmuth have implied and stated that beings like Darkstar and Kevin's Race the Osmosians can absorb the Nigh-Infinite energy.
  • Alien X race known as Celestialsapiens can't go near the planet Anur Vladias or it will drain their energies to the point of death.

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